Car Audio / Visual

Warranty Policy

Haliton, at its option will replace or issue a credit at aftermarket net acquisition cost of any unit determined to be defective. Said determination will be performed by authorized Haliton warranty representatives. Parameters of determination will include, but not necessarily limited to:
  • Only items listed will be covered by this Warranty Policy i.e Auto spare/replacement parts, Batteries, wheels and tires.
  • This Warranty Policy will not apply if, in the judgment of Haliton the part(s) thereof have been subject to damage by accident, fire, misuse, or negligence, repair or alterations by anyone other than Haliton, or Haliton serial numbers affixed to the unit(s) or part(s) are removed, obliterated or defaced. Any defect should be brought immediately to the attention of the Haliton and the unit(s) or part(s) claimed to be defective shall be returned to Autofactorng.com. The liability under this Warranty Policy shall not exceed purchase price paid.
  • This Warranty Policy does not cover claims unless there is a clear indication of a defect in the manufacturer’s workmanship or material.
  • This Warranty Policy does not cover claims for products where failure is caused by "lack of servicing or maintenance of the product."
  • This Warranty Policy does not cover claims where evaluation shows the ingestion of foreign material into the Product. This includes liquids, solid material and alcohol-based products.
  • This Warranty Policy does not cover claims for corrosion and/or the ingestion of foreign material, which is detrimental to the proper function of the Product unless it is determined to be assignable to a defect in material or workmanship.
  • This Warranty Policy does not cover products that are mis-installed or where mis-application is diagnosed.
  • This Warranty Policy does not cover claims resulting from improper fit of mating components not supplied by Haliton.
  • Haliton is not responsible for “down time” expenses, or any other business costs or losses resulting from failure or use of Haliton products.
  • Haliton is not responsible for claims that are not returned to Haliton within four (4) days after the delivery date.